Valentines Blog Post Analytics

Results Section of: To All My Single Ladies: Treat Yo’self This Valentines Day

     The promotion plan of this blog did not go as well as I expected. I thought some
of the influencers I contacted with a fairly small follower base would at least take the
time to respond back to my request to share my blog. None of them did, and none of
them shared it as well. The friends I asked to share the blog on Facebook did so, resulting
in more views on a blog post that I have ever received. Next time I create content that I
want shared with influencers, I may take the time to come up with a better way to ask
them to share the blog. This may involve giving them something in return, such as
devoting a full blog post to their product at a later time to give more credit to them or
their business. I enjoyed creating the blog the most because I was able to be funny and
light hearted, and put myself into other girl’s shoes. But also, the thrill of sharing the blog
to the public and seeing who was interested in clicking and reading it was one of my
favorite parts as well. It’s exciting watching the view number go up. Although, what I
liked the least was my obsessive nature to check the views every five minutes just to see
it go up one or two numbers, or none at all. Once you check it in a five minute period and
the views shoot up 20 numbers, it’s almost disappointing checking it again and the
number not going up nearly that high again. Next time, I’ll be sure to try and leave my
phone across the room after I post a blog so I’m not looking at it so often. The most
complicated part of the blog process for me was finding the gifs and pictures that would
do the words justice. I wanted it to be funny, but also not stupid-funny. And I wanted
everyone who saw the gif to understand what was going on in the two second action
picture. For the ones I could not find gifs for, I tried to search for pictures. But when the
picture is owned by someone else, it is the most difficult thing in the world to find something
that you can use with permission that depicts exactly what image you’re looking for and what
you have in mind.

     I didn’t think about it while writing up the promotions plan, but I wasn’t able

to contact anyone via Twitter. This was probably because I do not have a Twitter
account, therefore I was not able to tweet them or direct message them to ask them
to share my content. Instead, I was able to reach out through their Facebook pages
even though I was still left with no response. Overall, my most successful targeting
tool used was Facebook. More people were able to access it through other people’s
shares. Businesses that would have benefitted most from the blog that I created
would have been magazine social media, college or high school bloggers, and other
popular social media influencers who post fun, light-hearted material that other
girls would be interested in reading. When looking for influencers, I took too much
time including products and locations in the blog thinking that those businesses
would see that they were mentioned, and want to share it with their readers or
those who engage with their social media. I thought it would be a way to increase
brand awareness for that business, but since they didn’t share it, they must not have
thought the same. Next time, I hope to search harder to find more influencers that
target the audience that I want to attract and inquire to see if they would be
interested in sharing my blog to appeal to their engagers.
     Next time I create content, I don’t think I would change anything. I am not
distinguished in serious writing and tend to run around the bush when I am trying
to explain something. That is why I like to write the playful and feel good material
that can make anyone’s day better.

something that you can use with permission that depicts exactly what image you’re

looking for and what you have in mind.

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