Facebook Content and Targeting Case

For this case, we were instructed to conceive a Facebook Content Strategy for each scenario. Then, We were to use the Facebook Ads Manager to define an audience to drive more engagement on the post.

Scenario A: Oreo is well-known for creating visuals using the iconic cookie for various events and holidays. Oreo is working on its concept for Halloween. Your job is to design a visual post using the cookie to run on the days leading up to Halloween. You may sketch the concept or describe it. You have up to $1,000 per day as a budget and a lifetime budget of $4,000.

Visual Concept: A family of oreos. Oreo thin for the mom, orange oreo for the dad, 2 oreo minis for the children. All of these oreos will be dressed up in Halloween costumes.

Defined Audience: Ages 35-50

Expected Daily Reach: 19,000-49,000

Budget: $4,000 lifetime

Dates/schedule of when campaign will run: The month of October

Scenario B: Logan County Humane Society has decided to organize a contest to increase engagement on their page; they hope this engagement will drive donations and adoptions. They want animals involved, but other than that, have no parameters. They have had a $250 Walmart giftcard donated as a prize, and have asked you to propose a contest idea. You must decide the nature of the contest, the rules/guidelines people must abide by, and how winners will be chosen. Describe that below. You have a $1,000 lifetime ad budget.

Contest Idea: Cutest pet contest. Tag the humane society in your picture of your pet! Top 5 will be chosen to be voted on by the public by most likes.

Initial Contest Post:

Cutest Pet Contest

(Picture of animal)

Tag us in your photos of your pet by March 9th. Top 5 will be chosen and the ultimate winner will be chosen by most likes.

Defined Audience: Pet Owners

Expected Daily Reach: 580-1,500

Budget: $100 Lifetime

When will campaign run: 2 weeks for tagging, 2 weeks for public to vote. Feb. 23-March 9.

Scenario C: WKU Marketing is always looking for contest ideas that will interest the marketing or business college student and increase engagement. Below, give WKU Marketing suggestions for content.

Content Ideas: Income Ideas, Studying tips for midterms, dos and don’t for spring break, fast facts about WKU, Big Red chillin’ on a beach “Be safe on spring break!”.

Defined Audience: 100 mile radius from WKU 17+ age

Expected Daily Reach: 1,800-4,800

Budget: $5 to $10 per post

When campaign will run: seasonal


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