Visit Washington State

Freshman year of college brought along many new friendships. One of those friends being Claire who was from Bellingham, WA – about an hour and a half north of Seattle. I was given the opportunity to travel with two other girls to visit her hometown in December of 2014, officially opening my eyes to the west coast of the country.

Bellingham, WA

Woods Coffee

This coffee shop is an absolute MUST while in Washington. They have 19 stores throughout the state and driving into Bellingham, there is one practically on every corner. I can honestly say this is one of the best coffee shops I’ve ever visited (and I’ve been to several, thanks to my hipster side). I wrote down a few of my favorite concoctions that I encourage you to try if you ever venture to this side of the country. Note that I like the sweeter tasting coffee over the bitter. (Yeah, I know. I’m one of those white girls. I accept it.)

– Iced Upside Down Americano with the flavors of an avalanche

– Iced Chai with marshmallow

– White Iced Mocha

– Caramel Macchiato with the flavors of an avalanche

*Flavors of an avalanche includes caramel, white chocolate, and coconut.

Lummi Island

Lummi Island is a small island off the coast of Bellingham that is only 9 miles long. You take a small car ferry across the bay that crosses at least once an hour. There are two restaurants, one inn, and not even 1,000 people. There isn’t a lot to do here, but it’s just what you need when you need a relaxing getaway. Another thing that’s great about Bellingham in general is the astounding views of Mt. Baker and the sister mountains. When it isn’t too foggy, you can almost see the top of Mt. Baker. It’s a view that will keep you marveling at God’s beauty especially while you’re on Lummi Island.

Dutch Mothers

If you know me at all, you know that I am high key obsessed with this place. Everything from the room decorations, employee clothing attire, to the food, is all old fashion dutch. This restaurant is in Lynden, WA which is about 30 minutes north of Bellingham. They’re most famous for their authentic Dutch Pannekoeken – in English, this is basically a pancake – and is quite literally as big as your face. You can have it savory or sweet, choosing from a list full of toppings. If you want delicious, you will eat here next time you’re in Washington.

I and Wife Thai Food

You would think all I do is eat when I go on vacation! (May or may not be true, believe what you want) But this Thai restaurant was so good, we ate here twice in the week and few days we were in WA. I’m not a fan of spicy food, and Thai food usually is, even if you do get a level 1 on the spicy scale. The food I got here though, was nothing more than I could handle. If you like going ethnic with your food choices, hit this place up.

Seattle, WA

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is everything you see in the movies and more! It’s a giant farmers market selling food and crafts and everything in between. The original Starbucks shop is in this area, as well. But if you want to go inside and order, you’ll have to get there really early because the line is almost always out the door. Once you go through the market, downstairs lies the infamous Gum Wall. This wall was actually scrubbed down and cleaned one year ago in November, 2015 but has since been gathering more gum from those who pass by.

Click here for more information on Pike Place Market and things to see when you’re visiting!

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, Canada is only an hour and a half drive north from Bellingham. Stanley Park, Vancouver’s largest park, was the first place we went. We only did a quick drive, but if you’re ever able to visit make sure you take more time to walk through the park and admire the landscape, landmarks, and all there is to see. After, we spent most of our day exploring Gastown, which is only a few minutes outside of Stanley Park. It’s considered the heart of Vancouver, and has art galleries, restaurants, pubs, decor boutiques, shops, and so much more to discover. The streets are lit by trees with Christmas lights stretched through them, adding more than a touch of beauty to the town.




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