Boone, North Carolina

If you want to have the time of your life, grab 15 of your closest friends, rent a two story cabin, and spend a week in Boone, NC. No other place will give you as much adventure and joy in one place than this trip will.

Ride a Horse

You would think being from Kentucky would mean I was probably born with a horse standing right next to me. But that was not the case. This was the first time I had ever sat on top of a horse. And then to even imagine trying to steer a live animal… How was that supposed to happen? I was about to end up A) lost in the mountains or B) with a broken tail bone. Luckily, none of the above occurred. Our trail guide was absolutely crazy, but was sure to let us know the horses would not take off running despite our worries (Even though I’m pretty sure one of them did). We were able to trot our horses together along a trail through the mountains and act live real live mountain men. Next stop: The Kentucky Derby.

Go Zip Lining

People have always been obsessed with learning how to fly. The Wright brothers finally came along and invented the airplane, but that’s obviously not the same as you pictured it as a child. Your feet should blast off from the ground and you should have nothing holding you up except the breathtaking views below you. In a way, that’s exactly what zip lining is. At first you’re scared to even open your eyes, but then you do and it’s like you’re floating. You’re literally gliding through the air while you admire the adrenaline pulsing through your body and the scenery that surrounds you. You’re like a kid again, asking to “go faster!” All of a sudden you’re back on your feet again, waiting to go another round.

Go White Water Rafting

There are six classes of difficulty when it comes to white water rafting. One is the easiest difficulty while six is the hardest. This river we went on was only a one and two difficulty level, so it wasn’t the hardest thing we’ve ever accomplished. But it was relaxing and such a fun experience, especially with so many great people surrounding you.

Hike Grandfather Mountain

This hike was most definitely one of the harder tasks that we endured on this trip. But it was so worth the trek! The views are beautiful and a lot of the hike really wasn’t that difficult. But other parts of the trail were terrifying. There were ladders posted in different spots as you got higher towards the peak, to make the climb easier and safer. But even with these ladders, there were times you felt like you were going to tip off the side of the mountain and tumble to your death! I know I know, you’re not supposed to imagine stuff like that. But how can you not when you’re so high up? I would recommend this hike to anyone, though. It’s so rewarding being able to push yourself and see God’s creation in the end.

Trash Can Falls

Trash Can Falls is located on the side of a road, through the woods and down a trail. You have to look for it, but once you find it you won’t be disappointed! It’s a small waterfall with rapids, and a swimming hole that you’re able to jump into. It’s thrilling to jump off of the rocks into the water, until you hit water that’s so cold it feels like needles. Once the first person said the water was freezing, the afternoon turned into an excerpt from The Notebook with everyone shouting, “GET IN THE WATER!” And I promise none of us regretted that jump. A must see if you’re visiting Boone!


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