Twitter Ad Mockup

Here is a mockup of a Twitter ad we released to engage students in Study Abroad at Western Kentucky University. We have a picture of a student in a study abroad country, waving their red towel. We have a phrase at the top to interest those who see the picture, and have a link underneath the picture for people to see the list of study abroad programs WKU offers.

These were the categories we chose to target based on the demographics of people on Twitter.

These were a few more targets we listed to place our ad in the right news feeds.

Instagram Contest

This is a mockup of a contest to be ran for a local restaurant, Griff’s Deli.

Griff’s Deli

  • Objective: Engagement
  • Description of the contest: Post a picture of you eating Griffs to be entered into our free meal giveaway! Tell us what your favorite food item on the menu is and use the hashtag #CheesinForGriffs. We will choose a winner on May 25th.
  • Call-to-action: Post a picture of themselves and/or with friends eating Griffs. In the caption, they should state their favorite food item and use the hashtag #CheesinForGriffs.
  • Prize: Be entered into a drawing for a free meal at Griffs.
  • Hashtag usage and research: Has not been used before.
  • Explain why you think this is an effective contest idea: This will be effective because the people of Bowling Green, KY (more specifically, college students) love Griff’s Deli. It will be a good way to pull in those fans to Griff’s social media pages and interact with them. Especially if they know they can win a free meal from participating in the contest, more people will want to join the fun.
  • Use Canva to create the Instagram Post to launch the contest. Use AdParlor to put your visual into a mock-up Instagram photo.


Things To Do and See in NYC

Whether it is your first time or 20th time in NYC, here are a few suggestions from a (2 month) local. Coffee shops, brunch, food, dessert, touristy things, local things, and more!

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Work in New York City

Just typing the words “Work in New York City” still gives me butterflies.

Nobody leaves Kentucky. And if you do, you go south to Tennessee. The goal of working in NYC was one only dreamers would wish for. I was twenty years old when I decided I was going to take a leap of faith and apply for the Dream Careers Internship Program. I lived on cereal and granola bars and kept the Starbucks coffee and Sonic Route 44’s at a record low while I saved as much money as humanly possible while balancing school and work. One year later, I’m on a plane to the biggest city in the nation.

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